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NameBrown Marmorated Stink Bug in Iowa

The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is an introduced, invasive insect new to North America. It was first identified in fall 2001 in Allentown, Pa.  BMSB has now been reported in many states including Iowa.  In Iowa all reports have been detections (introductions of a few bugs form shipping form infested states) and to date we have no reports of what we consider a breeding population of BMSB.

BMSB feeds on sap from a long list of host plants including many fruits, vegetables, field crops, shade trees and other woody ornamentals. In addition to the considerable damage done to crops, gardens and landscapes, the adults have the disturbing habit of migrating to house and other buildings in the fall to overwinter. For a complete host list (pp.30-33) and detailed information on BMSB see the USDA Risk Analysis.

For more information on BMSB please see Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Detection in Iowa from the Integrated Crop Management Newsletter. 

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